Wouldn’t it be awesome to sit next to your girl in a restaurant and when nobody is watching you give her a command to make her have an orgasm right there on the spot. Wouldn’t it be at least beneficial to your sex life? You might think this is hard to do, but actually it’s pretty simple, ever heard of Pavlov?

NLP anchoring

NLP is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming. In NLP there’s a technique called anchoring. Anchoring is basically Pavlov programming. Let me tell you a story about Pavlov to illustrate this psychology trick.

A long time ago in a country far away was a phychologist called Pavlov. Pavlov has a couple of dogs. He feeds them every day, but right before he brings in the food he rings a bell to let the dogs know the food is coming. Ofcoarse there’s now way the dogs can understand that bell, right? Conciously they don’t, but after a while Pavlov noted that when he ringed the bell, the dogs started to salivate. The dogs were programmed to get food when they heard the bell! From then on this is heavily studied in psychology and it’s used in NLP under the term anchoring, to link a feeling/body reaction to an anchor (bell for instance).

Now, how can you use this with orgasms? Everytime your partner has an orgasm you can install an anchor, for instance, right before orgasm you can bite her neck. It’s essential to bite her neck in the same place the next time you strenthen the anchor. Also, make sure to use an anchor that isn’t used in daily life. You can squeeze her hand as an anchor, but once someone else at work squeezes her hand, you don’t want her to experience sexual feelings or have an orgasm, right? Right, so make sure to install the orgasm on a safe anchor that only you know. To learn more about this type of orgasms you can read the article Orgasms on command. That article is much more detailed than this one.

Hypnotic orgasms

Another way to make her have an orgasm on command is by using hypnosis. You do have to learn hypnosis before you can do this though, so it might not be applicable to most of you. But to inspire the true beauty of the hypnotic orgasm I present you a really great youtube clip:

For more information you can go to the hypnotic orgasm instructional page on this site.

Deep phone seduction

This is not really a technique to make her have an instant orgasm on command, this is more like a technique to make her verbally have an orgasm. You verbally arouse her and intensify those feelings using NLP and the Milton Model. For more information about deep phone seduction taka a look at the verbal orgasms page. Or check out deep phone seduction in more detail.