Some women say they aren’t able to have orgasms. Well, this is not true. It might be that your partner is bad in bed or that there’s some emotional blockage that’s keeping you from having an orgasm.

If you’re not able to have an orgasm, define that statement more precisely for yourself. Probably, you’re not able to have a clitoral orgasm, right? Maybe you’re not able to have a G-spot orgasm either? While there are probably some underlying issues that keep you from having these types of orgasms, I can’t go deeply into those issues via this article because they are different for everyone.

But I can give you an alternative that will guarantee orgasms for you. Not just one, but multiple orgasms!

That’s right, when you have never experienced an orgasm before, you might want to learn about the Deep spot. The deep spot is a spot in a woman’s body that when stimulated right, will quarantee the woman to have an orgasm. I’m not going too deep into this type of orgasm because there’s an entire page about this subject on this site: Deep Spot orgasms.

Once you’ve experienced your first deep spot orgasm, more deep spot orgasms will follow, you’ll be able to cum more quickly and more intensly.

I can also recommend you to use White tiger tantra to get rid of those internal blockages. Take a look at Steve P’s White Tiger Tantra dvd set to learn more about this.

Steve says that the issues are in the tissues. So if you massage the tissues, the emotional blockages will come up and you can physically heal yourself. This way, after a couple of white tiger tantra sessions with your partner you’ll be able to more easily have an orgasm. Also, these orgasms will be much more intense than orgasms people have who don’t find out about these techniques.

I can really recommend White Tiger Tantra, this will train your body to have orgasms and it will also heal you from emotional baggage. You and your partner will grow closer together and your love life will improve dramatically!