To be honest, it’s pretty easy to have multiple orgasms. It’s just that many women have the limiting belief they can only have one orgasm because all they’ve experienced is the clitoral orgasm. And yes, most women can only have one clitoral orgasm per sex session. This is because the clitoris becomes too sensitive after one orgasm. But, let’s not forget about the G-spot and Deep spot orgasm…

G-spot orgasms

The G-spot is another well known spot, only a couple of men know how to stimulate it properly and some women still report they aren’t able to have a G-spot orgasm. This is not true, every woman is able to experience G-spot orgasms. But some women have issues that keep them from having them. I suggest you read more about the G-spot orgasms on this site. You should also check out the section about the squirting orgasms. Because women are capable of having multiple G-spot orgasms.

Deep spot orgasms

Women are also able to have multiple deep spot orgasms. The good thing about the deep spot is that it’s easy to stimulate (once you can reach the location) because the woman can’t hold this orgasm back like the squirting orgasm. This way every woman is able to have deep spot orgasms, and if everything else doesn’t work, deep spot orgasms are often the orgasms that any woman can experience. The cool part is that these orgasms are so extremely intense that she’ll be extremely satisfied. Also, every woman is able to have multiple deep spot orgasms. At first you want to take it easy with the amount of orgasms though as she might feel pretty sore the next morning. But when she gets used to it, you can amp up the volume!

Orgasms on command

Are you tired of giving her “just” 5 or 6 orgasms everytime? Do you want to give her orgasms anytime anywhere and as much as she can possibly handle? You’ll probably want to read more about this in the section about orgasms on command.

Have fun!