Hypnotica is one of the people out there coming up with new stuff, he has done just that with the product Deep Phone Seduction. Deep phone seduction is a technique to give women orgasms over the phone or in person by using voice alone. No physical stimulation needed. It’s not like normal phone sex, not really dirty talk. What Hypnotica teaches is different.

Hypnotica uses various techniques from conversational hypnosis and NLP. The main ingredient for Deep phone seduction are double binds.

Double binds

A double bind is when you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. This way you can lead a woman to where you want her to go. Basically by giving her two choices that both lead to the same outcome. For example when you want her to relax: “As remember a time you felt really relaxed, do you find that feeling spread more within you on the inhale or does it spread more deeply on the exhale?”. Whatever she says, both lead to relaxation, because both times she’s concentrating on feeling relaxed and once she’s got that feeling she’ll know the answer to your question. This way you can strenghten any feeling you like, like sexual feelings. So with deep phone seduction, there’s not that much dirty talk involved, there’s some sexual innuendo and metaphors but not the dirty graphic stuff.

A simple deep phone seduction conversation

The first question you ask is about a feeling, but not really a strong one. For instance, you could immediately ask her “As you think of a time you were really aroused and you concentrate on that feeling do you find yourself x more or y more bla bla [double bind]” that’s a strong feeling. You should rather ask something like “As you think of a time you first felt that distinct sexual attraction towards someone [double bind]”. This is a more subtle question about a sexual feeling and is easier to talk about with her. After you’ve sparked a low intensity emotion you can escalate that emotion using submodalities.

There are 3 kinds of submodalities, one for the visual sensory system, one for the kinestatic one and another one for the auditory sensory system. For example, if you visualize your house do you see your house from your own eyes or is it third person with you in the picture? Is the picture panoramic? Color or black and white? These are visual submodalities, there are lots of them. You best use kinestatic (feeling) submodalities with deep phone seduction, this way you can strengthen the feeling itself.

Here’s a possible opening for a deep phone seduction conversation:

“As you think of the last time you’ve felt that distinct sextual attraction towards someone, did you get that feeling the moment you saw him, or did you first feel it later on during the interaction?”

“And do you think that feeling in a linear way, or is it more dependant on the things he does that the feeling grows stronger in jumps?”

“As you concentrate on that feeling, do you think that feeling gets more intense on the inhale of your breath, or does is spread more throughout your body on the exhale of your breath?”

“Do you see that feeling as a memory or do you experience that feeling at this moment in your body?”

“Do you feel that feeling is more deeply in your body, or is it spread over the surface of your body”

The rest you can find and think of your own in the deep phone production product, there’s just one problem though, the product is not for sale anymore.

You can go to Hypnotica for more information about this.