What’s a blended orgasm

A blended orgasm are two orgasms at once. The clitoral orgasm and the G-spot orgasm simultaneously. This will blow you, or your woman, out of the roof! Blended orgasms are really powerfull and really wonderfull for the woman.

How to have a blended orgasm

Getting to the point of having a blended orgasm is quite some work. But it’s fun, right? The trick is that you start stimulating her clitoris, you can finger her, or you can use your tongue. You want to stimulate her to the point that she’s fully aroused and stimulated. Then you let the clitoris rest for a while. For more information about her clitoris see the section about clitoral orgasms.

Then you move on to the G-spot. This spot is about two inches deep in the vagina between 11 and 1 o’clock. It’s about the size of a nickle and when the woman is aroused it’s engorged with blood, it has the structure of a raspberry. You should stimulate her with two fingers and doing a ‘come hither’ motion. Keep stimulating her to the point that she’s fully aroused and she’s about to have a G-spot orgasm. For more information read the article about G-spot orgasms.

Then it’s time to alternate between the clitoris and the G-spot to make sure they’re well stimulated so are synchronously aroused so to say. The next step is to stimulate both at the same time. You can stimulate her clitoris with your tongue while stimulating her G-spot with your fingers. Key is here to make both spots orgasm at the same time. This will be very intense for her and will be quite a big orgasm.

The difficult part with this blended orgasm is that you need to know the woman sexually, you need to calibrate wether she’s about to have a clitoral orgasm and G-spot orgasm, you want to escalate both to a simultaneous climax, so knowing your girl is really important. Practice a lot and you’ll get it.

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