Where to find the clitoris

The clitoris is under the clitoral hood, and is engorged when the woman is aroused.

Now you know where to find the clitoris, you must understand that this spot is very sensitive to a woman. If you start stimulating it directly it might hurt her. Make sure she’s fully aroused before you start stimulating her clitoris. You can do this by rubbing the outside of the lips and normal foreplay.

Circular motion stimulation

One of the best known ways to stimulate the clitoris that’s also often used by women themselves is by placing your finger over the clitoral hood and going in a circular motion. This way you’ll be stimulating her clitoris by rubbing her clitoral hood over it. Her clitoris has a lot of nerve endings so often women don’t like it when you directly stimulate her clitoris with your fingers.

This way of stimulation is most common and best known. There are also some little known ways to give her a clitoral orgasm that she probably doesn’t know about.

Jerking her off

You can grab the clitoral hood with your index finger and your thumb and make a pulling motion so that her clitoris pops in and out of the hood, just like when a guy jerks off. You go along the shaft with your fingers. You can compare the clitoris with the penis head and the clitoral hood with foreskin. This is probably something she hasn’t experienced before in her life because this technique is not that well known. You can learn a lot more about this technique in the Orgasm Arts program.

Another way to jerk her of is to grab the entire area of ther lips and squeeze and make a jerking motion, again, the clitoris will be popping in and out of the clitoral hood. This is something she probably never experienced before and is extremely powerfull to give her an orgasm pretty quickly. Again, to learn more about this technique, buy the Orgasm arts product, it’s really good.

1 O’clock spot for a continuous orgasm

Another good way to stimulate her clitoris is using a lot of lubricant and stimulating her directly on the clitoris at the 1 o’clock position. The clitoris is very sensitive so you want to use a very light touch and a lot of lubricant. First you’ll have to stimulate her clitoris in the ways mentioned before, when she’s fully aroused and almost ready to orgasm you can do the 1 o’clock stimulation. You must make circular motions with the tip of your finger and make sure that you always use the same speed and pressure. This will make her go mad. This will bring her to the edge of orgasm, but not completely a full orgasm. Women describe it like it’s a continuous highly orgasmic feeling, but like it’s stuck in the middle of the orgasmic sensation, like it’s not a full orgasm but sticks half way there. This is also the reason to keep going at it in a monotone way. No speedups and downs, and always using the same presure and a lot of lubricant. This is because it’s really easy to make her go over the edge to the full orgasm or to loose her state and you’ll have to stimulate her clitoris again, you want her to stay in this orgasmic state.

Extra links

Well, to learn more about clitoral orgasms I really recommend you buy the videos of Jason Julius from Orgasm Arts.

Often a woman can only experience just one clitoral orgasm per session, after that it becomes too sensitive. You can go to some vaginal orgasms like the G-spot orgasm or the deep spot orgasm to bring her multiple orgasms. A woman can have multiple vaginal orgasms, so you’re not done after the clitoris yet ;).

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