What’s a deep spot orgasm like?

It’s like “Oh my god, what did you do?! Do that again!”. It’s a vaginal orgasm. Often it’s a fullbody experience for her and one of the most intense orgasms she can experience. A lot of women who claim to be unable to have orgasms can “awaken” their orgasms by having a deep spot orgasm. All women are capable of having deep spot orgasms, and once she had a couple it will become easier and easier for her to have more. Also, a woman can have multiple deep spot orgasms per session, unlike the clitoral orgasm.

Where is the Deep spot

A lot of men and women don’t know what the deep spot is or where it’s at. The first time I heard about this spot is from Davind Shade. Now, I don’t know if anyone before him made a product about this spot, but I do know what if you want to learn more about the deep spot, you should go to David Shade. You can also order Orgasm Arts, there’s an entire video covering the deep spot.

Anyway, you want to know where it’s at right? I recommend you watch the video on David Shade’s blog, it’s really useful and the only graphic representation of the deep spot I’ve found so far. That’s mainly because almost nobody knows about this spot. Chances are that your girl hasn’t experienced a deep spot orgasm before in her life, and chances are that you’ll be the only one in her life to give her one. It’s that little known… Use this knowledge wisely 😉

How to stimulate the deep spot

To stimulate her deep spot you need to put your finger as far as possible to the back of her vagina. You’ll feel the sponqy texture of her vagina end in a more smooth texture, it’s that deep. You might hit the cervix, and most women don’t like that, so stay away from there, but right before the cervix is a little rim, that’s the deep spot, you can stimulate it by doing a come here motion. And literally pulling on the deep spot. The deep spot goes all the way around so you can also hit the sides, not just the front wall, and also the back of ther deep spot.

Where can I learn more about the deep spot

Well, David Shade is the father of the deep spot. He’s the guy to go to if you want to learn more about this spot. Also, you can check out Orgasm arts, they have a video covering the deep spot.

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