What is a full body orgasm?

A full body orgasm is an orgasm that is not just a ‘sneeze’ in the genital area but an orgasm that you can feel through your entire body. These orgasms are really wonderful for a woman to experience. It takes some exploration and practice to achieve full body orgasms but when you can experience them, it will be a really intense orgasm that lasts for a longer period of time.

How to achieve a full body orgasm

For most people the genitals are the focus of arousal during sex. Most people believe that an orgasm is centered in the genital area, they aren’t. It’s a full body experience. But most people gladly push out every orgasmic energy they have at the moment of orgasm to make the orgasm as intense as possible. As soon as you focus your attention on relaxing your body and focus on spreading those sexual feelings throughout your body, you’ll be able to experience full body orgasms.

One important thing is to relax your muscles, especially the pelvic muscles. And really focus on the sensations in your body, how they spread, how they expand and grow intenser, this way you’ll realize you don’t have to rush to the orgasm, but you can just relax yourself and let your body do it naturally, a full body orgasm.

Many women, but men as well, tend to breathe very rapidly during sex, especially when the orgasm is coming. Key is here to do long deep breaths to spread the sexual energy throughout your body.

I can recommend you do heart meditation every day, it’s described on the White Tiger Tantra blog. It’s a very good meditation to circulate sexual energy throughout your body. Also, to learn more about these full body orgasms, read the post about full body orgasms on the White Tiger Tantra blog.

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