The G-spot has been, and still is, a much talked about subject for women and men. Some scientific studies say some women don’t have a G-spot, well, that’s not true. Every women has a G-spot. Some just can’t find them, yet.

Where can if find my G-spot?

The G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina. You have to feel about 1 to 3 inches deep between 11 and 1 o’clock. It’s about the size of a nickle and has a raspberry feel to it. It’s a little bit swollen when the woman is aroused. You’ll notice it when you’ve found it ;).

(4) is the location of the G-spot.

How to have a G-spot orgasm?

The most common technique to give a woman a G-spot orgasm is to use the “come here” movement with both middle finger and ring finger. But remember to penetrate her only when she’s aroused, so do some foreplay beforehand. Also, to begin with, start with just one finger, your middle finger or your index finger and make fast short motions. After a while you can do longer stronger motions and use both your fingers. You stimulate the G-spot with a come here movement of the fingers. It may seem weird at first, but this way you can give women squirt orgasms in minutes! Also, the G-spot can be stimulated many times, you can have multiple G-spot orgasms per night! But make sure to start slow with the number of orgasms, you don’t want to stimulate her G-spot for more than 30 minutes because she will probably feel sore the next day at first. Once you’ve done it a lot of times with her you can go longer if she likes it.

How do I know she’s having a G-spot orgasm

When you’re in her with your fingers you can feel the vagina cramp up around your fingers or penis. This is a sign that the orgasm is coming. Pretty soon she’ll be spasming and it’s obvious by then that she’s having an orgasm.

Some women don’t contract their vagina wall that hard so it will be hard to know when she’s starting to orgasm. A nice tip for this is to stick the tip of your pinky in her anus. As soon as you feel it contracting harder around your pinky you know she’s having an orgasm.

To learn more about internal massage techniques, especially on stimulating the G-spot, take a look at my review of Steve P’s White Tiger Tantra DVD set. This will take you through the process with 8 different stimulation. techniques that will not only give her squirting orgasms, but teargasms.

You don’t necessarily have to use your fingers to give her a G-spot orgasm, you can also use your dick in certain sexual positions. The best positions are the positions where the pressure is applied to the front wall of the vagina.

You can try doggystyle, but, with her head not on the bed, it’s better with her on all fours, or hold her up by her shoulders, this way you’ll be able to apply more friction on her G-spot.

Also, put her on top, if she leans back, the pressure moves to the front wall of the vagina, this way her G-spot gets stimulated even more. As a variation, you can stimulate her clitoris with your hands while she’s on top, this way you can give her an even more powerfull orgasm, a blended orgasm.

How to release the orgasm

The G-spot orgasm is sometimes a very wet squirt orgasm, you can feel this distinctively by the feeling as if you have to pee. Listen carefully, it’s not urine! To be confident about yourself, use the bathroom before you have sex. Because if you ‘hold’ your G-spot orgasm, you won’t have an orgasm at all. You have to believe me the first time that it’s not urine you’re squirting. It comes out of the same exit, the urethra, but it’s a different chemical composition. It’s similar to the male sperm, but without the seed.

For men, when she’s about to have a squirting orgasm it feels like there’s a lot of pressure building up in her vagina, keep going at it and pull out if it gets too intense for her.

These type of orgasms, are way more intense than the clitoral orgasms.

Also, a nice tip for you guys, use your tongue to stimulate her G-spot, this will make her go crazy!

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