What’s a hypnotic orgasm

A hypnotic orgasm is an orgasm that’s induced through hypnosis. You’ll be under hypnosis and the hypnotist can install an anchor for your orgasm, as soon as he gives that anchor, you orgasm. Cool thing is, the next time he gives that anchor, you orgasm again, and again, and yet again… Pretty awesome, huh?

Where can I learn to give my partner a hypnotic orgasm

Well, you’ll need to learn hypnosis first. There are two types of hypnosis, conversational hypnosis, also called Ericksonian hypnosis, named after the psychotherapist Milton Erickson. And you have progressive relaxation hypnosis. A good book for learning progressive relaxation hypnosis is Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman. For conversational hypnosis, anything from Milton Erickson is good.

A good way to learn hypnosis especially for inducing orgasms on command with your partner is by buying the course Big O by Wendi Friesen. In this DVD course you’ll learn to give your partner orgasms on command. This is the fastest way to learn this, watch the DVD and start practicing.

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