What is an orgasm on command?

Wait, what?! An orgasm on command? Yes! It’s possible to give a woman an orgasm on command. And it’s easier than you think…

Basically it’s a technique called anchoring. This will allow you to create a spot on her body, or a command to give her an orgasm anytime anywhere as often as you want.

Anchoring is a technique from NLP, NLP has inherited it from Pavlovian conditioning invented by Pavlov. Pavlov was a scientist who had a couple of dogs, and everyday when he fed his dogs he’d ring a bell first. After a while Pavlov saw that the dogs were producing saliva after he rang the bell. The dogs were conditioned to link the bell to the food. An anchor was created…

We have anchors all around us and in everyday life. Have you ever smelled someone that had the same perfume like your girlfriend? And immediately you had to think of your girlfriend the moment you smelled that other person? That’s an anchor.

Now, you can also anchor an orgasm, the key here is timing and keeping the anchor clean.

How to give a woman an orgasm on command

Well, all you need to do is when the woman is having an orgasm, you anchor it. It’s basically touching a spot on her body in a certain way. Next time she has an orgasm you do this again, and again… After a while you can test it by firing the anchor and see if she has an orgasm.

Now, not every spot is good for anchoring an orgasm. You don’t want something like a handshake to be an anchor. And you want the anchor to stay clean. With a clean anchor I mean that it shouldn’t involve other influences. For example you don’t want to anchor the orgams by pinching her nose, while at the same time sucking on her earlobe. Because that entire procedure will become the anchor (earlobe suck + nose pinch).

There are three kinds of anchors: kinesthetic, visual and auditory. Kinesthetic is feeling, visual is, well, visual and auditory is something you hear. You as a person are already a visual anchor for her orgasm, because everytime she has an orgasm she sees you. But you’re not a clean orgasm, because she also sees you when she’s not having orgasms… An auditory anchor can be your voice. You want that anchor to be a command. For example, David Shade uses “Come like a good girl” in his programs to explain this. You need to make a command that is the same everytime. Also you want to make the tonality to be the same everytime to make the anchor solid as fast and efficient as possible.

You can also do a kinesthetic anchor. I recommend using a sliding anchor for that. A sliding anchor could be to stroke her upper arm the way up, over her shoulder blade, up in the neck, grab a handfull of hair and pull a little when the orgasm hits. You want to make the entire movement as smooth as possible so her mind thinks that the orgasm is caused because of the light pull. The slide before the pull is the climax right before the orgasm. This is a sliding anchor that is sensual at the same time, that’ll be very powerful.

Also, you can use both a voice command and kinesthetic anchor at the same time as an anchor. This way you’ll make sure that only you can fire the anchor and not someone who accidentally touches her on the right spot.

Is there an alternative?

Yes, you can als achieve the same result faster via a hypnotic orgasm. It’s a bit harder because you’ll have to hypnotize her first, but the anchor will be installed within half an hour. To learn more about hypnotic orgasms, read the section about hypnotic orgasms.

To learn more about anchoring orgasms, you should check out David Shade’s manual. He describes it in one of his chapters.

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