If you want to learn the basics on how to give women squirting orgasms? Read on, it will take you 10 minutes read.

There are a lot of women who’ve never experienced squirting orgasms, also called female ejaculation. A squirting orgasm is a lot more intense than a normal clitoral orgasm. In this article I’ll teach you how to give her squirting orgasms. And women, you can learn how to do this yourself!

NOTE: If you want to get really good at giving women powerful squirting orgasms, then you should check out this guy. I learnt a lot from him and you’ll learn a lot more extra stuff that is not covered in this article.

First of all, a squirting orgasm is in fact female ejaculation, women can, like men, ejaculate. The fluids they ejaculate are comparable to the fluids men ejaculate during orgasm without the sperm cells. Also, women tend to ejaculate a larger amount fluids during these types of orgasms.

In contrary to clitoral orgasms, women are able to have multiple squirting orgasms during sex, with the right stimulation of course.

How to make her squirt

First of all, it’s not urine, remember that, trust me on that. Second of all, you need to stimulate the G-spot. You can find the G-spot about 2-3 inches deep into the vagina, somewhere in between the first and the second knuckle of your middle finger. If you put your fingers in and feel around between 11 and 1 o’clock you’ll feel an area about the size of a nickle that has a different surface structure, much like a raspberry. When she’s aroused, the spot will be a bit swollen because it’s engorged with blood. This spot is the G-spot.

Now, the trick is to stimulate her in the right way. You should make a “come here” gesture with your fingers in her vagina rubbing her G-spot. You should not stimulate her “in-and-out” like most men are used to, you should really do the “come here” motion. You should calibrate her reactions to see if you can go harder or not, most often you can apply a lot of pressure in a fast movement, but this varies per woman. Remember a vagina can take the loving of a grown 180lbs man, don’t twiddle around like a frenchman, you can use some pressure.

At a certain time she’ll feel as if she needs to pee, that’s because the fluids are building up. Tell her to let go, that it doesn’t matter and she should be aware that it’s not pee. Make her feel comfortable. The man will feel a certain pressure building up in her vagina at this stage of the orgasm. If she holds her squirting fluids back by clenching her pc-muscles (much like holding your pee), she will repress her squirt and won’t be able to release, so it’s key to make her comfortable about releasing. Relax all your muscles!!! If you clench, the fluids go into your bladder and you won’t orgasm at all…

Note to women: Most men just love it when you squirt! Especially when you squirt all over them, this might seem weird to you, but seriously ask him how he feels about it. You’ll be surprised! And if he doesn’t like it, just bring a towel ;).

Also, make sure you don’t have any electronics around that can be damaged by the fluids, squirts can be a pretty big “splash” so it might damage your tv, wallpaper or the perfect whitening of the ceiling ;). This is not always the case, a lot of women produce “little” squirts which are just as awesome ;).

Can I have a squirting orgasm?

Yes, all women are able to have squirting orgasms if the stimulation is done right. Squirting orgasms are induced by stimulating the G-spot. Some women find themselves unable to have a clitoral orgasm, but a lot more women are able to experience a squirting orgasm.

There might be some women out there that are unable to have squirting orgasms at first. That’s probably because their body isn’t used to it. But don’t worry, keep trying and keep doing the techniques described in this article and eventually every woman will be able to have squirting orgasms.

A video tutorial on how to make her squirt

In this video, Jason teaches you how to make her squirt. It’s not graphic, it’s professionally done on a dummy. It’s a great video series about all kinds of female orgasms. I recommend you give it a shot: Learn how to make her squirt.

Expert level: how to get her really crawling an curling

Now, you’ve learnt to give her squirting orgasms by fingering her, but there is another way to give her squirting orgasms so powerful she will call you god in 6 different languages.

The G-spot isn’t that far into the vagina. You can actually reach it with you tongue. Once you’re able to reach down there and stimulate her G-spot with your tongue she will get wild. Women love it! Not only physically but also mentally. Although this technique is a bit harder then using your fingers, it is possible. You could, to make it easier for yourself, and your tongue, build up the tension with your fingers first and start using your tongue near the point of no return.

Again, to learn more about this, check out this guy.

Expert level 2: adding the extra ooomph in the mix

G-spot stimulation is great! Once you’ll be able to give her squirting orgasms and you start to understand her body more you can actually rock her world by adding a little extra for her.

While stimulating her G-spot with your fingers you can actually lick her clitoris at the same time. This way you can build up to a blended orgasm. This is a clitoral orgasm and squirting orgasm at the same time. These are very powerful orgasms and she’ll probably has never experienced so much pleasure before in her life. This is what will make you one hell of a masterful lover.

Want to get really good in bed?

Textual advice about certain techniques can give you some insight on how to be better in bed. But, you will learn much more by watching an expert doing the techniques on a dummy vulva. Check out Orgasmarts for the Female Orgasm Blueprint, this one also includes how to make her squirt.

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