Aaaahh… The teargasm, the orgasm of orgasms. Once you know your girl so well you can give her teargasms, she’ll be craving for you, seriously. Teargasms are the orgasms as intense as they can get, the most intense orgasms among them.

What is a teargasm?

A teargasm is a full body orgasm that is so intense that she’ll cry of pleasure. Often, she’s in so much bliss that she can only mumble afterwards. It’s best in these situations to make her feel comfortable and say sweet stuff to her. She’s probably going to need some time to get herself together again after such an intense experience.

How can I learn to give a woman a teargasm

Well, as far as I know there isn’t really a technique to do to have her experience teargasms. It depends on the woman. I do know that using White Tiger Tantra for a while will intensify her orgasms to the point where she’ll have teargasms. It takes a couple of weeks of massage, both external and internal. But you’ll probably be able to give her teargasms after a while. These kinds of orgasms are really intense, but the process of getting there is also some pretty intense stuff. You’ll grow much closer and your sex life will definetely benefit from going through the process.

Is there more info on this subject?

Yes, as mentioned before, you can buy Steve’s White Tiger Tantra program. Also, I recommend you read this article about the Open Heart meditation to make her experience full body orgasms.

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