Wouldn’t it be awesome to be so confidend about yourself and your sexual knowledge, that the moment you meet someone you know you can please her like nobody else can? Wouldn’t it be great that your physical condition doesn’t have to play a role in sex? Discover the power of your voice.

What’s a verbal orgasm

A verbal orgasm is an orgasm induced just by using the voice. So, it’s comparable to dirty talk only it ends in an orgasm. If you can master this skill, you’ll be able to give women orgasms by just talking to her without any physical contact.

The only kind of verbal orgasms I know about are induced with the help of hypnosis or NLP or a combination of both.

Can you give me a direction?

Sure, it’s important that you’re leading her. You are the one asking questions about her feelings. You ask the questions in a way that you escalate her feelings as you would escalate her physically. This is not dirty talk, you can say it’s “NLP”-talk. You ask about the submodalities of her feelings and lead her into a certain direction using double binds. This sounds really awkward to someone who doesn’t know anything about NLP and that’s completely fine, you can learn more about this on the page about Hypnotica’s deep phone seduction.

Where can I learn to give women verbal orgasms?

You can learn this in two types. Bring her under hypnosis; if you want to learn this one check out the article about hypnotic orgasms.

Or, if you want to do this in an NLP way, you can check out the article about orgasms on command. Or check out Hypnotica’s deep phone seduction program.

Have fun!

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