Steve P. DeAmore also known as Steve P. is the founder of Sensual Awakening where he teaches women how to squirt. Women from all over the country visit him for multiple sessions. Women who thought they were ‘broken’ and never had an orgasm in their entire life have come to him and found to be sensually awakened so they can have incredible orgasms from now on, on their own or with their partners.

Steve’s filosophy is that the issues are in the tissues. The emotional baggage that has been carrying around for years gets into the tissues of the body, during massage these tissues, and thus the emotions, are released. Sensual awakening isn’t just learning more about your body and sexuality but is also a lot of emotional healing that’ll benefit you for the rest of your life.

If you want to explore this awakening yourself you can buy the product White Tiger Tantra. In these 5 dvd’s Steve explains exactly what steps to take in order for her to awaken her orgasms. The process includes deep tissue massage and Steve’s special sexual enhancement massage and internal massage.

Steve P explains White Tiger Tantra

This is not a fast fix, sometimes it takes a couple of weeks before an actual squirt orgasm occurs, other times it occurs the first time you try it. Anyway, this will benefit you, not only in the bedroom but also generally in life as you will release a lot of emotional baggage during the process, that equals less stress and a healthier life.

This isn’t just about squirt orgasms by the way, but in the long run this will make you have full body teargasms. Orgasms you feel in your entire body that make you feel so ecstatic that you’ll cry of joy. For testimonials from women, check out the following videos

Desciption of the orgasm

Fiji’s Awakening (Check out the expression on her face! Wonderful)

Part 2

A freaking geyser (Part 3)

Part 4 fourth session she had a couple dozen orgasms

More women talk about Steve’s awakenings

For more videos check out Steve’s Youtube channel. Also check out the White Tiger tantra blog for more information about sexual enhancement en white tiger tantra. For instance the open heart meditation and the chakra series are very educational. Also, the article about the use of vibrators hindering you to be able to experience full body orgasms. Definitely eye-opening to me personally.

Anyway, also check out Sensual Awakening.

Feel free to send me your stories or experiences with this product, I might post them here, you can use the contact form to contact me.

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